Who am i ? Such a wide question to start a novel with –that i warn you- won’t contain anything but trivialities about a girl whom present fell in many contradictions, only words healed. My life was fed up with pain,that barely existed ; and joy that ephemerally existed. Daughter of a pre-absent father and a mother. Sister of two strangers that sadly turned out to be the embodiment of everything i am not. Tragedy is,they have never earned those titles. Bigger tragedy is,that threw me in the arms of all wrong people senses have found shelter in instead. Now that you –all or none- presume to know all the keys of my seventeen-year old existence. Now that you –all or none- might predict what these blank pages will be filled with..I’ll gladly announce to you that none of what’s said above ever defined me. It’s in the stories that i have never lived that i find my reality. It’s in the lies that i find truth,and it’s in truth that i get lost.It’s in the thoughts that knock my door accidentally and bring me in here that i find my pleasure.It’s in the the smallest details that i find my ecstasy. It’s in the corner of a paper that i find my escape. It’s in an eye contact that my world crumbles,to form a beautiful harmony of shattered pieces. It’s in a daunting night,when soul is nude that i find my bare truth. And it’s in the morning right after that i find relief. It’s in being cursed that i justify my clumsy acts. And it’s in being special that i survived the indifference. It’s in a cartoon displayed in a warm July morning,when a slender light sneaks to my pillow,where my happiness can be resumed. Nothing was more pure than the smiley shining sun in the corner of the paper,the apple-tree next to the red-door-ed house. What happened in between? Life ,i presume.

I don’t have much of a story to tell. All I have is me, blank papers and many bottled inside. I’ll find it hard for me to come up with new characters, since I won’t be able to control their lives when I can’t even control mine, because I don’t want to lose myself inside of characters, neither lose them inside of me, and throw them in paradoxes of what I pretend to be, what I want to be and what I am. And last, because no one seems more caricatured than I am and the people paths of my life have led to.

It has always been me, in a world I created inside and a world that kept shattering it. Inside my world, my father was a great man, He took me in road-trips each Sunday morning, he told me stories before I go to sleep and he listened to each letter I spell. Inside my world, my mother was a happy woman. Inside my head, I was a special girl, innocent and sweet. My world is filled with great friends and family. In another world – you might call it real, but I’ll never do so, since the only things that ever seemed real to me were the ones above-. In a more mature world. My father was indeed a great man, he was a teacher. Yet, he chose to teach generations but his own daughter..My father chose to find his path to heaven, without showing his daughter the way to. Depending on his generosity, we have never surpassed three stereo-pied sentences a day. My mother was carrying three lives. When frustrated, when unappreciated she used to throw all the weight at me. I have spent many years blaming my mother for being unhappy..I hated her death-speeches and impulsive words and I have spit all my bitter failures at her : I failed because my mother never supported me. And how foolish was that of me.. I have blamed my mother for so long, in a way that when I finally stopped and realized the amount of sacrifice she made for me, us and them, I have found myself denuded from all ways of loving her, I have loved-love-will always love my mother in a way you’d never imagine if you base yourself on my acts, but I failed expressing..And that I guess, is my number one tragedy, how many remorse will I taste when she’ll be gone?

Friends? Doesn’t the concept itself carry many contradictions? How can you ask a selfish, self-centered human-being such as we all are, to befriend? Isn’t it brutal to be in need of what will never go hand in hand with our nature? Isn’t it cruel to seek pureness, when pureness is nonexistent in any possible relationship –no matter how much you may convince yourself otherwise – Maybe, my whole concept of friendship is exaggerated but I have wanted people I would give my eye to when asked, issue isn’t that I have never found those people, issue for you perhaps is that you’ll never love anyone more than your eyes. Issue for me is, i was ready to give them away to people who didn’t ask for them in the first place, and took them for granted next.. I have been living under the shelf of hypocrisy in consuming relationships that took what they saw in me first, what they wanted-needed and left me empty. I have always been left empty. And it isn’t more tragic than the way I have been filling the empty space inside. It was a vicious cycle, the more I lost, the less I started asking for. I settled. And that is my second tragedy. Our (or my if I am the only one) problem is that I have always set my walls so high at the fresh beginnings, but when wrecked due to the contrast with reality, I have settled for less and more less. In a way that I have started to welcome any sort of human-being that might cross my foggy existence and cherish his presence as if it was sacred. But eventually, I have blamed them all – all but me – for making me less perfect than I was, it’s you, it’s you who has made of me this needy creature that only you can nourish..  And i wish i was given the chance to scream my need, but oh, i have seen more backs turned at me than i saw faces. Are my senses to blame because they have been glued to all of you? What did make me earn the title of “the taken-for-granted” ? When I didn’t find support in people meant to hand it to me, I have searched for it in all sort of people. In each person, I have tried to find a lust that is going to keep me walking.


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